Who are we – about us

Our story

We, Veerle, Bruno and our son Kaj, are originally from Antwerp. We ended up here in 2009, after an adventurous search, and by now we can say that we have completely found our place here.

Veerle works as a home care nurse. She puts her heart and soul into caring for her patients.

Bruno, the handyman of the family, has taken care of most of the renovations. He is a house husband and makes sure everything runs smoothly in the B&B!

Kaj, son of the house, has completely adapted to life in the East Cantons. He enjoys the outdoors and tinkering with mopeds and lawnmowers.

Besides our little family, there are quite a few four-legged friends walking around our house.

Pedro and Lucky are our dogs and in addition we also have 4 cats, Muizeke, Anatool, Diego and Pebbles. Chances are you will become acquainted with Pebbles, as she loves to welcome guests with us and is always begging for a stroke and a cuddle 😊

In the meadow behind the house, 4 dwarf goats and 2 donkeys hop around, accompanied by Jonny the pony.

By living here, we have learned to enjoy ordinary things: the barn swallows flying out in spring, the birds that come to peck at the breadcrumbs on the terrace, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and the stunning views. You get all that for free here!

Together, we do everything we can to make our guests comfortable. So they can enjoy well-deserved rest and all the beauty that the East Cantons have to offer.

We look forward to meeting you!